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Breaking through Limitations, Barriers and Taboos. Now.


All programs include Xian's uniquely effective Learning Methodology:

IPE (Interactive Personal Experience Learning system)

Experience everything you learn first hand, instead of just accumulating knowledge.

TFL (Toolkits for Life)

With TFL, we build your very own toolkit of new mental, emotional, behavioral, physical (and more) tools for the future. Tools that will help you with everything that life throws at you on all levels.

LP (Living Process)

LP is a build in continuous revision process of the toolkit, which ensures that it grows, adapts, changes and fine tunes with you over your life-time, as your needs shift with time. This ensures that your tools continue to effectively stand by your side whenever you need them.

To learn more about how I work



 Helping you to Truly Wake up on All Levels

Feel Like It's Time to Change Everything, But Can't Seem to Find a Way?

This program is a true “one-stop-shop” for everything you need to take yourself, your practice and your life to the next level. Deeply and lastingly transform beyond your wildest dreams. Have all the tools in ONE place to become a true Master inside and out.

This comprehensive 10-month certification program combines the most cutting edge learning tools and effective content modalities available to create deep, sustainable change within yourself fast.

While learning more about yoga than you ever though possible, you will also use the applied content to clear your own personal blocks, creating space in your being to recreate yourself anew.

Includes the 'Transform your Body' and the 'Transform your Soul' programs.

Beginners to accomplished teachers are highly encouraged to take this program.

Sweet, profound, enjoyable, kickass!



Have a senior Yoga Master and exquisite Transformational Life Coach work with you personally on EVERYTHING one on one! No stone remains unturned. You will address and profoundly and lastingly transform your ENTIRE Being.

To name but a few...

  • ALL aspects of Yoga Practice, Yogic Spirituality, Philosophy and Lifestyle


  • Life
  • Mind
  • Emotions
  • Body
  • Health
  • Behavior
  • Actions
  • Way of Thinking
  • Memories
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Sex
  • Past conditioning
  • Hangups
  • Repeating Patterns

Includes the full 'Transform your Body' and the 'Transform your Soul' programs.

Based on Xian's IPE (Interactive Personal Experience Learning system), LP (Living Process) and TFL (Toolkits for Life) click here to find out more about how I work.


If you are ready to truly take EVERYTHING to the next level, then this is for you!

If you want the direct route to deeply profound knowledge, wisdom and true personal experience.

I spend 30 years so that you don't have to. These are the gems of my life times discovery.


Full Internal System Reboot along the Yogic Path

Are you ready to let go of EVERYTHING that doesn't serve you any more? Now?

Learn more about yogic philosophy and spirituality than you ever dreamed possible. Learn to practically apply and truly embody all teachings, leading to permanent, profound transformation. Free your Mind, Free your Soul. Find the 'It' that Yoga promised. 5 months.

Powerful, deep, surprisingly effective!


The Soul program works on YOU, YOUR life, YOUR challenges and YOUR needs


Lasting full system re-boot. We will discover your true essence, remove all that is not of the same vibration. Watch everything that doesn't serve you anymore easily and excitingly fall away. Leaving you clean, new, balanced, and at peace. Lastingly. Resolve your past and pave the future. Rebuild with fascinating, effective tools, and with a completely new outlook on how life can be lived.

Fully reset your entire internal being, and have the tools to become who you have always wanted to be. Fast.

Experience what living spirituality really means!

Drastically raise your level of Consciousness, Clarity, Presence, Connection and Balance.

Change the way you perceive and approach yourself, the world and everything around you.

Deal with yourself and life with grace and ease.  Experience it, embody it, be it!

Discover exquisite hidden knowledge!

Discover the hidden angles to well known philosophical and spiritual concepts, and bring them practically into your being, creating real life magic for yourself.

Instantly apply all to everyday life

The mat is just the practice ground. Ensure that everything instantly becomes part of you.


Embody Ayurveda

Embody a practical dimension to health and lifestyle, that goes deeper, and is more practically applicable to your every living second, than you could have ever fathomed.

  • Did you know that how and what you practice, your diet and lifestyle determine not only your level of health, physical, mental and emotional well being, but also your sensation of balance, connectedness (to internal self, your body, others and life), your level of lucidity, consciousness and presence in your life?
  • Did you know that you can become precisely and practically aware of how the tiny nuances of your diet and lifestyle (and many more aspects that you will have never even thought about as they are not the obvious ones), affect every single part of you? How they play themselves out in the way you feel, show up and how you perceive yourself and life?
  • That you can be aware of how to EXACTLY, efficiently, clearly and effectively respond to those outside changes?
  • And that you can then exquisitely fine tune those details, determining a preset outcome of how you want to feel?
  • That by deliberately adjusting them, you can achieve, create different states of being and perceiving? That you can experience full mental, emotional balance and lucidity? That your level of consciousness can be increased substantially?
  • What if you would have developed your very own body and soul chart, that alerts you when you are not 100% physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced, and which would also enable you to understand exactly why that was so, and what do to about it?

Experience a strategic way to be able to fine tune and adjust as life happens, to keep your Mind, emotions and body balanced. Build a solid foundation for your consciousness to be elevated.

Truly understand how to be fully in tune and connected to yourself, to finally feel balance, connected, content and at peace.


If you want more

If you want a practical depth to yogic spirituality and philosophy than is simply not available anywhere else.

If you are done

Pfaffing around trying to do it yourself and putting together random pieces from random places, never really finding a clear direction and never lastingly getting anywhere.

If you want to live it rather than just know it

If you want to truly experience what you are learning!

 If you are ready NOW

To take your happiness and contentment into your own hands. 

If you want to deeply trust and feel connected to your teacher because they earned that right.

If you want to work in a safe environment where anything goes.

Then this is for you!


Take your Body to a new dimension!

How long have you been wanting to really connect with your BODY on all levels?

Asana and health based. Phenomenal for individual practice and yoga teachers. Learn a depth about asana, applied yoga anatomy, health (ayurveda), and daily integration, and much much more, that is simply not available out there in the yoga world. Get all your questions profoundly answered. Finally find true physical balance and connection with your body. Become it, live it, be it! 5 months

Fascinating, all encompassing, mind-opening, tremendously useful!



  • Gain truly meaningful insights about about asana, energies, alignment and the properties of YOUR specific body, that go far beyond anything taught in classes or yoga teacher trainings.
  • Finally find all the answers you were hoping for but never got!
  • Deeply understand why most yoga classes actually hurt your body, close your energy system and crunch your bones.
  • Learn why most Yoga Anatomy books and yoga classes really do not make any sense, once you experience a profound difference in how you can experience asana, by making just the tiniest adjustments for your specific body.
  • Feel what it is like when your ENTIRE body is involved, opened and stretched in every posture! Nothing hurts, nothing crunches, energy flows freely.

Learn to open energy lines, completely transforming how you ever looked at your body, asana and daily physical movement in general.

  • It's truly an experience hard to explain in words.
  • EXPERIENCE anatomy, DEEPLY understand your muscles, the do's and don't-s of EVERY posture, the EXACTLY why we are doing something and and the why not-s, develop a feeling sensation that connects you with your body 24/7.
  • Deeply understand the importance of personalized teachings, as every persons anatomy is profoundly different and needs to be treated as such. One person might have to feel 5mm to the left, the other 10 to the right. The difference is truly astounding!

Instantly apply all to everyday life

  • No more pain in everyday life. Open, luscious and healthy body, no matter what life throws at you.

Dive into the most fascinating adventure that is your body.


Learn the true art of sequencing. Deeply understand what you are doing and why, with what goal, and for which abilities or limitations.

Health 1-1000

The ayurveda area overlaps to a certain extend with the Transform your Soul program, as the two are intricately linked in this area.

  • Embody a practical dimension to health, that goes deeper, and is more practically applicable to your every living second, than you could have ever fathomed.
  • Did you know that your diet, lifestyle, how and what you practice, as well as many outside influences that you are not aware of, profoundly affect your connectedness to your body, your health, your vitality and physical well being on ALL levels?

What if you would have developed your very own body chart that alerts you when you are not 100% physically balanced, and which would also enable you to understand exactly why that was so, and what do to about it?

  • With Yoga Master you will to become exquisitely in tune with your body's needs.
  • You will truly understand EXACTLY what you need to do to keep yourself vibrant, healthy and powerful. Embody and live this knowledge 24/7.
  • As you live your life, grow older and as your needs change, you will deeply understand how to deliberately fine tune tiny nuances with a specifically designed for you system for YOUR body, YOUR diet and lifestyle.

No more making it up, winging it, or relying on an intuition (that might or might not be really ‘source’ talking…), or disappointing temporary solutions.

 Remember, if our body doesn’t feel 100%, everything else will not feel in top form either!

Allow yourself to reap instant, profound and truly life changing benefits.


Finally find it!

If you have been trawling classes, retreats and teacher trainings, google, online classes and blogs, and you still haven't found the depth to asana and understanding your body that you have been looking for.

If you are up for an adventure into your body that is not even in your field of perception yet, then this is for you!

Save time and trial and error

If you want the shortcut to deeply profound wisdom and experience. I spend 30 years so that you don't have to. These are the gems of my lifetime discovery. My teachings are tried, tested, proven, and continuously fine tuned over 3 decades!

Fascinating Details!

If you are excited to learn fascinating details about your body and asana that will change your practice and life forever. Just raising your arms will blow your mind. Just changing the finger position of a hand mudra by a few millimetres, will suddenly open up a whole new world....

It's about YOUR Body

If you want to explore YOUR body and it's exact needs in all aspects of practice and life.

Then this is for you!


Helping You Find and Embody what no teacher training gave you

Do you want to truly stand out as a teacher? And do you want to take yourself and your practice to a new dimension?

This certified 10 month program is the 'Transform Everything' Program from the view of a teacher.

If you are a newly budding, or a longstanding experienced teacher, retreat leader or even teacher training leader (200 or 500) , this is REAL un-surpassable further education for you. This is different than anything you have ever experienced before!

Go deeper than any teacher training, even 500hrs.

Experience what even your teachers have not yet experienced.

Know what your teachers do not yet know.

Live what your teachers do not live yet!

Brilliant, life changing.

Finally find IT and teach IT!


All descriptions of the 'Transform Everything' program apply,  PLUS:

Find answers

  • Find YOUR answers to all your outstanding teaching questions. Content, methodology, sequencing, spirituality, philosophy, personal teaching challenges and more.

Learn how to pass all this on to your students

  • Become a true teacher, a mentor a guide, rather than just an exercise leader.


If you are looking for full personal transformation and to become a better teacher a thousand fold, and if you want to experience more first hand than you ever imagined possible, then this is for you!

  • Teachers of all levels
  • If you want to stand out from the crowd, want to be truly different than all the other teachers out there.
  • If you want to be able to teach more depth than what is available out there in the yoga world.
  • If you want to have an edge on 'that' job.
  • If you want to be able to teach philosophy, spirituality and applied practical and fully personalized anatomy.
  • If you want to be able to take students pain away.
  • If you want to really understand what you are doing and why.
  • If you want to be able to answer your students questions (on all levels and areas of Yoga) confidently and precisely.


Watch everything that doesn't serve you anymore fall away easily and enjoyably

Do you want to experiences the exponential power of fully personalized attention ?

Well, let me start by saying that adulthood does not come with an instruction booklet. We grow up, with useful (or not) elders to guide our way, and we are expected to just magically be able to just 'do' life gracefully, right? Well, many of us don't find that so easy...

Let's change this! Once and for all!

Engaging, lastingly transformative, enchanting, highly effective !


All I ever wanted was somebody to take me by the hand and whisper: "This way", "That is not a good idea", "Avoid that one", "Here's a shortcut", "Do it like this, that's way easier", "This is faster", "Cry on my shoulder, I'll catch you and sort it out for you"...

Somebody to be able to answer ALL my questions about myself, how to deal with my emotions, hang ups, thoughts, how to become the best possible person, how to stand in my power,  how to do relationships better, life, sex, how to change behavior, let go of memories and more.

I always wanted an elder that could guide me, give me answers, be always there for me. Somebody that can give me advice that actually makes sense, is practical, down to earth, that's actually truly useful, and... do I hear you say: fun?

Somebody that has done life well, and who could share their wisdom, tips and tricks and things to avoid.

Let me be that Elder for you!

  • Anybody who is ready to really get down to it and make REAL and LASTING CHANGES. NOW.
  • If you are bored with sharing a teacher
  • If you recognize the value and potential of fully personalized attention!

Do You Have Questions?

Allow Yourself to Be Transformed

Profound and lasting change on all levels

From the second you begin with Yoga Master!