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Wake up Now!

I'm Xian

Senior Yoga Master & Personal Transformation Coach

Fast and permanent internal change,

without the need for a practice

or on-going coaching!

Lost, stuck, alone, confused, without clear direction in your spiritual or personal development?

Is your past still ruling your present?

You know something needs to change, but nothing has worked so far to allow you to shift permanently?

It's easier than you think!

What Is Yoga Master

Yoga Master offers extraordinary spiritual and personal development programs, designed for you to instantly and permanently embody deep and profound internal change, rather than just accumulate more practices and theory.

Who Is Yoga Master For?

  • Yoga Master is for anybody who has not found what they were looking for in the personal development world, - on a physical, mental, emotional, philosophical and spiritual level.
  • If endless journaling, affirmations, psychologists, therapy, yoga, meditation and another courses or practices didn't work,
  •  Yoga Master is for you, if you are ready to take of the mask that has covered your real YOU, if you are ready to wash off the colors of conscious and subconscious physical, thought and emotional patterns, behaviors, conditioning and deep memories, for good, and start anew on all levels.


Yoga Master will exquisitely guide you to lastingly rewire your brain, so that vitality, peace, balance and contentment become truly possible. Permanently and fast.

My work is for anybody who is ready, to finally walk a deeply effective path to lasting, full and true self renewal - NOW.

Teri Vogt

Teri Vogt

Yoga Teacher of 30 years

I am 60. I have taught Yoga for over 30 years. After your program I can say I am a better teacher, a better person. Such a memorable, educational experience. I teach every class with your wisdom. I praise your teachings and wished you had been my original teacher.

Julie Corner

Julie Corner

Beginner Yogi

Xian has helped to heal things I didn’t even realize needed healing. She helped me grow and transform. I would never have believed how far I’d come in a year! My tool kits and blueprints have already helped me through so many ups and downs of life. Thank you so much for sharing what you know, and for your constant, kindness, support, love and compassion.

Alex Thomson

Alex Thomson

Advanced Student

Every day I learned something new that enriched my body, mind, and spirit. Xian is one of the wisest, kindest, and most authentic human being I know, and she is truly a blessing to have been able to spend time with and learn from. The program was a life changing experience for me.

Jonathan Cina

Jonathan Cina

Intermediate Yogi

I never thought I could learn so much in such a short time. Xian is a wonderful teacher, with a catching energy allowing students to break out of their comfort zone – she really inspired me! My mind changed deeply during the program. Now 1 year later, I can say that it changed my life.


Yoga Master will show you that life can be way easier to live than you think!

Experience it, become it, be it, 24/7! With or without a practice on the mat. This is what I do.

Exquisitely Kick-ass

Profoundly Effective

Thoroughly Enjoyable!

Does your personal development plan look like this?

[Random idea from google] - that I know I never have time for

[Random idea from youtube] - that I am excited about for about 5 minutes and then forget

[Random inspiration from a class] - that I then do not know how to implement into my life

[Random practice] - that might give me temporary bliss, but that's not giving me any lasting, deep 24/7 results

[Practice chaos] - random practices that do not fit together, have no goal, direction or real destination

[Practice time trap] - I'm not getting anywhere, and definitely not fast either

[Random plan to deal with stress, relationships, life, personal stuff better] - which usually doesn't work. Especially not for the 'big' things

[Random input to let go of emotions that don't serve me anymore] - definitely not happening

[Unfulfilled hope to finally permanently calm the mind] - Aaaahhhh

[Random method to be free from memories, conditionings and past events] - you what??

What if it could look look like this?

[Clarity and confidence that I know what is possible to achieve]

[Clarity and confidence that I have a strategic, proven, clear, step-by-step plan of how to get there]

[Clarity and confidence that the process is so enjoyable and fascinating that I cannot wait for the next step]

[Clarity and confidence that each step is deliberately designed to build upon the next, intelligently and effectively giving me a solid base for the next one]

[Clarity and confidence that that I see clear and obvious results from day one, or I get my money back]

[Clarity and confidence that I will truly know and embody the ability to deal with life gracefully no matter what life throws at me]

[Clarity and confidence that full-on self development and growth can easily fit into my every day life without having to have time on the mat, or even the need for a 'practice']

That path exists! Just not many people know where to look.

I've walked the path for over 30 years.

Let me show you the way!

Let's do that first step together! And the second, and the third, and.... All the way until you get there.

Yoga Master is exquisitely designed and executed

  • To ensure that you will see REAL, lasting results from day ONE
  • This is not a band aid, or a quick fix! But pinpointing exactly what stands in your way and eradicating permanently by the root.
  • That you enjoy yourself all the way! This is not hard, or painful!
  • Powerful, fascinating, easily self-motivating and truly mind opening.
  • Even after Yoga Master, the effects will go on, and go on, and go on


Go Where You Are Treated Best

Exquisitely Designed

Logical, straight forward, step by step process, that will keep you excited for more, and looking forward to each new . Designed to truly make things happen

Experiential Learning

Instantly experience teachings, instead of just accumulating more theory (IPE).

Instant Results

Obvious, measurable results from the get go

Developing of Toolkits for future use

Lasting change on all levels, that grows with you for life (Living Process), ETFL (Embodied Toolkits for Life)

About Me

Hi, I am Xian

Since I was little I wanted to change the world, one person at a time. After passionately walking the path myself, I dedicated my life to wake up and advance Yogis like yourself, as quickly and easily as possible.

With 30 years of exquisitely honed self-practice, experimentation and teaching experience under my belt, I am acutely aware of the extraordinary transformative impact my work has on my students.

I know how to get it done effectively, enjoyably and fast.

This is just some of my work:


On my own path, I always found commercial, generic, superficial teachings that did not go deep, very unsatisfying and unappealing. I craved competent, useful elders to guide me efficiently and profoundly, with obvious results along the path of my practice and how to ‘do’ life. I understood early on that it wasn’t about the practice, but what it can do for us - lasting harmony, balance and connection, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually - internally and externally.

My life has been about finding those answers. For myself and for others.

And I found answers. A lot of them.

And not from books, but because I EXPERIENCED them.

Ancient temples, mystical inexplicable experiences, staring at dots, meditating for weeks on end, practicing several hours a day, asking every single question under the sky, experimenting with everything I could get my hands on, meeting disembodied teachers, hiding in the Himalayas, wanting to know and experience all that yoga and the old stories promise…

I've been there and found a depth that is simply not available in the cookie cutter fast food yoga world out there.

Mind-blowing all the way, from a simple forward bend that’ll change your world, to deep spiritual understanding.

I have first-hand experienced things to be true that most people can't even fathom. Interesting things, mind-blowing things, but most of all things that allow us to truly, deeply and lastingly transform ourselves.

What I have to share with you, you will not find in any teacher training, class, blog, google or anywhere else, because most teachers have done the same rounds, continuously regurgitating the same theoretical knowledge. What I have to offer is new and different and unique and exquisitely mind-opening, practical and instantly applicable all the way.

I fell into all the potholes, digging my way back out, wasted heaps of time figuring out the phenomenal from the utterly useless, spend years of getting to where I did, so that you don't have to!

Come and walk with me on this exciting path!

Let me show you direct route!


"I never knew that I knew so little... and I have taught yoga for 20 years!" David Goddard

"I now approach everything in life completely differently. I am not even the same person anymore. I am now constantly consciously aware of myself. I can choose what I let into my being and what not." Desiree Carter

  "The way this program is structured and how it all builds up on itself is simply brilliant." Kit Vanderberg

"The change started from day 1!" Harmony D'Couto

So, let me ask you again, why do we want to change ourselves?

We are looking for our body to change from disconnected and closed and hurting and stiff and unhealthy and tired, to feeling luscious and open and flexible and yummy and vital and healthy and vibrant.

For our Mind to go from stressed and crazy and out of control to balanced and peaceful and calm and content. Always!

And our emotions from sad and angry and insecure and anxious and comparing and competitive and not good enough (or whatever - fill in the blancs), to balanced and peaceful and calm and content. Always!

But have you achieved that? Not just as temporary short term bliss on the mat, but permanently? Off the mat? 24/7? In every day life?

Can you deal with anything that life throws at you calmly and peacefully and effectively?

Isn't that what we really want? Being peaceful and connected and calm and healthy and vibrant? ALL THE TIME?

Feeling good about ourselves, not having past experiences, conditionings, physical, mental, emotional and behavioral patterns influence or affect us anymore.

Because then, our mind and emotions would already be empty and peaceful. And wouldn't that in fact make any practice superfluous?

So, bottom line, what we are really looking for is not the practice, but what the practice does for us, which is:


Transformation of the body, the mind, the emotions, the spirit, life.

That is Yoga Master. Guiding you to deep, Profound, True Bottom Up Transformation, that lasts a life time.

This is the exquisite essence of what Yoga was always meant to be!

Go where you get Lasting, Real Results that Truly Matter. Fast!


I spent 30 years so that you don't have to!

Transform Everything

Learn and experience more about Yoga on ALL  levels, than you ever fathomed. An extraordinary one stop shop to deeply and lastingly TRANSFORM your practice, your Being and your Life beyond your wildest dreams. Includes the 'Transform your Body' and the 'Transform your Soul' programs.   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 10 months.

Transform the Body

Learn more about ALL aspects of the physical side of yoga and health, than you ever imagined. Learn a depth that is simply not available out there in the yoga world. Deeply understand and connect to your body and know what to give it to be healthy, vital and alive 24/7. Become it, live it, be it! Phenomenal for individual practice and yoga teachers. 5 months.

Transform your Soul

Learn more about yogic philosophy and spirituality than you ever dreamed possible. Finally find the 'IT' you have been hoping to find in yoga! Drastically raise your Consciousness, Clarity, Presence and Balance. Resolve your past and lastingly pave the future.  Experience it, embody it, be it! 5 months. 

Transform Your Yoga Teaching

Learn more about Yoga and how to teach it, than you ever though possible. Deeply transform yourself along the way. Pass on true experiential knowledge to your students and stand out from the crowd of teachers.

Life Coaching along the Yogic path

Professional, practical, intelligent, no BS, down to earth spiritual life coaching, that will address exactly what YOU need and get you results fast. Calls only. Packages available.


Explore tasters of my work. Watch my FREE Seminar and receive life changing manuscripts and workbooks. Experience how I think and work, and why the Yoga Master Process has been proven over and over to be so extraordinarily successful.

I will meet you where you are at and walk with you.

And if necessary carry you for a bit.

And then probably chase you down the stairs to wake you up ...

I'll be at the bottom to catch you...

Don't Wait Any Longer. Let me walk by your side and show you how to live the magic!