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Yoga Master Mini On-line Course Go Deep and Start Your Path to Freedom

For a limited time only $39 (plus optional 30 min consultation call)

To change your life, you have to change yourself. But Where to Start… and How?

It’s like trying to figure out how to care for a plant. It’s not happy, and it’s ‘obvious’ to you that it needs more water. But when you water it, it still doesn’t look happy. So you look at other reasons. Maybe fertilizer? That did not make a difference either. Maybe more shade? Sun? No.

Then by accident you move the plant to the morning sun, rather than the afternoon sun, and hey presto, there’s your plant, flowering, growing strong and beautiful, loving its existence.

It is the same with life

Often what we really need to address, is not the superficial, but the deep. And the deep, by its nature, it’s often subconscious, and not easily accessible.

Some people spend the time to find out how to be happy and content, others do not. Some find the direct route, others need to spend a life time. Some are too busy running a business and ‘doing life’, some people find a way, some do not.

So, what would be an easier way of finding the right path, rather than all this trial and error, that might or might not make the plant happy? You go on the internet, you find out about the species, and then apply the growing suggestions, and there you go. Plant happy.

Unfortunately an internal internet for the human psyche does not exist. Or does it?

This is exactly what the ‘Yoga Master Go Deep Mini Course’ is designed to provide: a highly effective direct route to dive deep into your Being, to the areas that you have brushed under the carpet, have pushed away, forgotten, or never consciously realized in the first place.

Why is this so important?

Because subconsciously, whatever you’re terrified of, whatever you think about all inside of yourself and outside of you, your past memories, experiences, conditionings, beliefs, old life decisions, and contracts you have made with yourself to be able to deal with yourself and life better, they all directly manifest themselves in who you are, how you feel and deal. In your interaction with yourself and others, your behavior, your mental and emotional thought patterns, as well as the way you show up for yourself, your family and friends, business and work.

‘Go Deep’ will allow you to flush out your subconscious bricks, which still play a huge role in the background of your behavior, personality and life, and which still deeply affect your every waking moment.

It will allow you to see more clearly how your thoughts have created your reality. The process of the Go-Deep Mini Course (of the Yoga Master Transform Yourself Mini Course Series), sets you directly on the first step of the path to identify all that doesn’t serve you anymore, to then eventually and truly let go, to recreate the YOU that you have always dreamed of.

Don’t be fooled by the name mini course… sometimes the small things are the ones that make the biggest difference. As the Dalai Lama said: “Have you ever tried to sleep with a mosquito in your room?”

 Go Deep guides you to do the groundwork thoroughly,

to follow a step by step, intelligent, structured path,

to carefully construct the base of this beautiful temple we are going to build,

which is you and your life.

This mini course will give uncover many surprises!

Prepare for something miraculous in your life. Set yourself on your path to (R)evolutionize your Being!

Go Deep Comes With:

✔️  Several strategic, exquisitely designed on-line assignments, to really go deep into your Being. They are simple yet mind opening and powerful questionnaires with the ability to truly unlock the hidden aspects of yourself. This is an incredible mind opening DISCOVERY module.

✔️ Optional 1on1 consultation with Xian for Q&A after completion


👉  For a limited time only ‘Go Deep’ will be available for $39!

👉 Optional but highly recommended, is the 30 minute follow up consultation call with Xian, the founder and the CEO of Yoga Master (Go Deep + Call $79).

For the call, Xian will review your assignments, and with her vast 30 year experiences of Yoga, teaching and coaching, will help you to go even deeper, to flush out even more, and tailor proactive tips, tricks, more food for thought, maybe some more personalized practices or homework. It's often easier to go even deeper with a little help.

A call is also an excellent opportunity for Q&A, or to pick Xian's brain on anything you like. If you have never had a one-on-one consultation before, this is your opportunity to experience the power of private time with a Senior Master Yogi and Life Coach, working with YOU on YOU, at a greatly reduced price. If you are familiar with one on one work, you will appreciate this incredible offer.

An hour coaching call with Xian is usually $325. So, together with the savings of the course, that is a whopping $391 discount for this life changing experience.

With Yoga Master a little goes a long way. Blow your Mind with this incredible Mini Course. Spare just a few hours and change your life.

I look forward to show you who you really are.


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