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The uniquely effective Yoga Master Learning process

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My Approach

Has been proven over and over to be exquisitely effective with students of all backgrounds, spiritual and practice levels. 

I am in contact with many of my past students, and have first hand accounts of the lasting and continuing effects of my work.


Helping You Find Success With truly Private and Personalized Attention

Support and Program Elements

If the content is not engaging, if the process is not delivering obvious results fast, if it's not enjoyable, if you don't feel motivated, or if it doesn't fit into your every day life, guess what? No matter how brilliant the content is, it'll never sink in, or never truly becomes part of your every day life.

That is why I deliberately designed my programs to ensure that they are extraordinarily enjoyable, highly fascinating, uniquely effective, motivating and inspiring, and that they offer immediate, profound, long term results every step of the way. Giving you a feeling of success, accomplishment and trust, that this program is going to get you to exactly where you want to be and more.

All programs are brilliantly designed, so that each stage strategically builds upon the next, giving you the solid base required to exquisitely prepare you for the next level to take full effect.

No more random collection of practices, exercises and information, but a clearly laid out, step-by-step, exquisitely designed and tailored, one-stop-shop process, for deep and lasting personal transformation.

All Yoga Master programs are made up of a combinations of these Elements:

1. Coaching Calls

The private calls are your personal access to a senior Master of Yoga and Life.

On the surface, calls review and give feeback on your assignments, asana and other practices. They ensure that program content was understood correctly, offer Q&A and deeper explanations on the content, depending on your interest. Calls address anything that comes up during the program or when you start to apply it's content to everyday life. They are also your in-build accountability tool.

On a deeper level, the calls offer you the ability to run everything that you create, think, experience or feel by me. It's your chance to really pick my brain above and beyond the program content, asking for advice, opinions and input, clarification, and even more personalization of the content.

We can discuss specific situations in your life, your being, thoughts, emotions, relations, behavior, and whatever else might come up for you.

Our calls give me the chance to also ask you questions. Questions to get you even deeper than you could by yourself, as well as to give you extra content, food for thought, different ways of looking at things, additional practices etc.

These one-on-one calls allow a constant conscious feedback loop between us, which is designed to ad and tweak content to your exact needs. This helps establish the most effective and most personalized ways for your distinct requirements to be addressed.

Together we will put systems in place that you can draw on for the rest of your life, and that will grow with you as you pass through your life stages as a continuously growing human being. 

You will learn how to prepare for our calls, so that you get the most of the time we spend together. You'll be surprised by how much can be covered in a short time.

2. Constant Whatsapp/messenger support - Xian in your pocket. Always.

This is the magical ingredient. This is true high level Support! Whatever comes up, program or personal life related, you'll have profound and spot on answers, fast. As you apply the program to your everyday life, things will come up. Big and small. Be assured that you are NEVER alone. With this magnificent support, I have your back whenever you need me! Ask, clarify, bounce off. Wisdom, Love and Xian are never far away! You'll have a new best friend!

3. Assignments

The deliberate and strategic design of the assignments guides you to to play and experiment with the program content, to deeply examine yourself, order your thoughts, evaluate practices, analyze new ideas, create tool kits, as well as prepare for our calls. They are an invaluable tool to ensure that you understand all content correctly, and that you fully complete, internalize and embody each step to build a solid foundation for the next.

Just the assignments by themselves are a finely honed and thought out process to allow you to figure out many answers by yourselves.

It's a little bit like I help you get a ball rolling. After a while it starts to roll on it's own. This is exactly what this program is. I help you raise your awareness and consciousness on so many levels, which allows you to suddenly see what you didn't see before, feel what you never even know existed, understand where before were just questions, and realize the simplicity of the solution and the ease with which you can apply it.

Each assignment has a hidden depth to it, that will leave you amazed by the sheer brilliance of the strategy behind it.

Nothing is random, nothing is just decoration. Assignments are designed to get straight to it and get it done, while keeping you fascinated and motivated and looking forward to each new day's discoveries, transformations, insights, realizations and changes.

Assignments allow you to immediately and practically apply everything you learn to yourself and everyday life, as well as to continuously flush out questions, and your deeper hidden needs, as they become more obvious as the program goes on.

Be sure that nearly all assignments you will work on, can be done throughout your day, while doing the dishes, while driving, visiting the in-laws or whatever else you get up to.

But for the asana part, which can also be broken down into bits, and the writing work, most do not require sit down or mat time, unless you want it.

If you have chosen to have coaching calls with me,

each assignment will be thoroughly reviewed and discussed.

4. Fascinating and Captivating Online content

The online program is the solid, fascinating and all encompassing backbone of each program.

Videos, images, writing and audio, are ways of presenting interactive workshops, stories, examples and lectures, to truly make Yoga come to life.

Each detail is presented in a finely tuned manner to help you to not only deeply learn, but to first hand experience all subject matters taught.

As I have vast experience of working with countless students for so many years, I seamlessly weave many different variations, angles, ideas and viewpoints into the online content, that I experienced to be necessary to address my past students' individual requirements and questions. The online program is therefore an incredibly comprehensive and complete work of art, of a depth and breadth of which is simply not available out there in the yoga or self development world.

I am not a boring presenter or endless information regurgitator. This is not just mindless information download which feels like a chore to do. My teachings are full of humor, mind and soul opening insights. They are engaging, and present one 'AHA' and 'WOW' moment after another. I constantly hear from my students: "I can't wait for the next module" or " I am so excited for the next module".

The content presented has had countless students of all levels, from complete beginners to established teachers amazed by what they did not know. That is with regards to completely new information, or surprising new ways of looking at existing knowledge.

It is designed to teach, open, inspire, flush out and make think. The captivating, fascinating and enchanting content together with the fluid and engaging manner of presentation, makes it easily self motivating.

Teachings are logical and practical, and never based on a 'just believe me' basis. You will experience everything that is taught first hand!

Together with the assignments, the on-line program gives you a solid program to self study and advance your being, practice and life beyond anything you could have ever imagined.

1-2 hrs every 10 days would be spent in the on-line program.

The power of the Yoga Master Learning System:

IPE Learning

Interactive Personal Experience System of immediate learning. Allows for experiencing teachings first hand, instead of theoretical learning.

Personalized 1on1 Attention

 Ensuring you get 100% attention for YOUR needs! No more sharing.

Strategic Method and Tailored Process

Intelligent and effective, step by step learning process, incorporating space to ad and tweak content to your specific requirements if necessary.

Creation of Toolkits for Future Use

For physical mental, behavioral, emotional, actions, situations, relationships... powerful true and lasting personal transformation.

Living Process

Constant conscious analysis, revising and feedback loop for all toolkits created, to ensure a Living Process (LP), that grows with you over your life time!

The Process:

Hidden deep inside of you is where the magic SWITCHES are!

How does Yoga Master get right into your hidden essence?

Xian is the developer of IPE, the 'Interactive Personal Experience' System of immediate learning, for true and lasting personal transformation.

Together with the LIVING PROCESS (LP), and Toolkits for Life (TKL), Xian's work is a complete, thorough and all encompassing process that develops and constantly revises, adjusts and fine tunes life toolkits, to ensure that transformation will never end. Each building block of the process powerfully builds on the next, ensuring full preparation for the advancement.

Over more than 30 years, Xian developed, honed and fine tuned this crystal clear, uniquely powerful, step-by-step teaching system of instantly experiencing knowledge.

This system allows Xian to deeply honor her students' individuality and individual needs, as well as to deeply integrate wisdom into the essence of her clients (instead of filling up heads and notebooks with theory that never gets successfully or lastingly applied to anything).

1. Flush out conscious and subconscious

Using Yogic Tools, and the deliberately and especially designed program set up, flush out everything that has created who you are. Positive and 'negative'. Most deep wounds, barriers, conditionings, reasons for behaviors, mental and emotional patterns are subconscious, and we are not aware what created them or that they even exists in the first place. This goes deeper than you could have ever imagined. Be surprised and amazed by what comes up!

2. Decide what serves you and what doesn't and spring clean

Systematically weed out from the root, using fascinating, effective tools, that will give you results from day one and that last a life time. That is not wishful thinking, but how the program is designed, and the experience of countless past students.

3. Inspire beyond what your current perception allows you to perceive

Experience new ways of being that are not visible to you from your current state. Test drive new ways, and ultimately pick which ones you enjoy the most to integrate into your being.

4. Establish fully personalized living toolkits to keep what doesn't serve you anymore gone for good

Through constant conscious feedback loops between us, and within the process itself, establish the best personalized ways for your exact needs to be addressed. Put tried and tested systems in place that you can draw on for the rest of your life, and that will grow with you as you get older.

5. Continuous personalization of the tools and the entire process

I make sure that I listen deeply to your words and in between the lines to establish exactly what it is you REALLY need. Which is not always what you think it is. We will get right down to where the REAL areas are hidden - deep into your subconscious. Be sure that this is not a generic, run of the mill process, but deeply tailored to YOU, and ONLY YOU!

Yoga Master has all angles covered!

Support Options

All Programs have the following Support Options:

Pink Lotus




  • Full Online access
  • Assignments

Blue Lotus

1 Call Support



    • Full Online access
    • Assignments
    • Accountability
    • 1 Coaching Call/Month

Pink Lotus

2 Call + Messenger Support


  • Full online access
  • Assignments
  • Accountability
  • 2 Coaching Calls/month
  • Full Messenger/Whatsapp support

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If you are ready to really get down to it, be it your practice, your life, or yourself, and if you are willing and able to financially and time wise to invest in your fabulous evolution from now on, then this program is for you!

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